Steven Universe Trivia-How well do you know Steven Universe?

Do you know Steven Universe Very well? This is my first quiz I'm sorry if I have any mistakes. Thank you for taking the Steven Universe Trivia!

Created by Bookworm1213
On Oct 2, 2017
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What fusion is this?
(from the picture above)

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What episode is this?

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Who is this Steven Universe character?

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What episode is this?

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On the episode "Steven's Birthday" how old did Steven Universe turn on his birthday?

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Why did the 5 Ruby's come back to Earth?

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What song was sung in the episode "Mindful Education?"

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In the episode "The New Crystal Gems" what was Peridot's role for one of the Crystal Gems?

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In the Steven Universe Shorts what song did most of the characters sing?

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" You might even like being together and if you don't it won't be forever." (What song is this phrase from?)

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