Book Review - The Adventures of Captain Pump: The World’s First Fitness Superhero by Harry Wells 

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On Jan 3, 2019
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Book Review - The Adventures of Captain Pump: The World’s First Fitness Superhero by Harry Wells 

There is a brand new superhero in the neighborhood, perhaps the most sensible of all. Unlike Batman or Superman, Captain Pump is dedicated to helping children get fit, and lead a healthy life from a young age on up. Captain Pump is "The World's First Fitness Superhero.”

The least likely person to become a superhero overnight is the quiet, unsuspecting school janitor, George, who is spontaneously transformed into Captain Pump. "The Adventures of Captain Pump", offers a treadmill of information on health and physical fitness whilst protecting his followers, (the children) from the evil of being unhealthy. A phenomenal concept, and a perfect means to deliver the message.

The book, written by CBS fitness expert Jasson Finney is a keen bet. It's mature enough to make sense, yet understandable to the younger children who might enjoy it. This book would fit well in any school library, any gym, or on any kids bookshelf. Jasson Finney, originally from Montreal Canada, is an actor, musician, personal trainer and fitness guru. He has helped people for years become and remain fit. He, himself is the actual "real life" Captain Pump. 

Although the story is fashioned in the real world, the lessons learned happen in a magical world called Pumpland.There are villains threatening the healthy ways of Pumpland, and Captain Pumpkeeps the real world safe. It's exciting and interesting and best of all meaningful and capable of changing a life for the better. 

This is a highly recommended read for children and parents who are interested in leading a healthy and fit existence. 
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5/5 Stars

Author/ Fitness Expert/ Actor Jasson Finney