Nevermoor Reader Quiz

Welcome candidate! Entry to Nevermoor's esteemed Wundrous Society is a privilege granted to the few and the special. To succeed you must prove your powers of recollection and quick-thinking by completing the following four trials.
Cheating will result in immediate disqualification. Answer as truthfully as you can. Good luck!
{This quiz is inspired by Jessica Townsend's book Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow.}

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Book Trial Question 1:
What comes for Morrigan on Eventide?

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Book Trial Question 2:
What does Jupiter pretend is Morrigan’s body?

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Book Trial Question 3:
At Nevermoor’s border control, what does Jupiter present instead of papers?

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Book Trial Question 4:
Jupiter and Jack have a knack for seeing things as they really are. What do they call people with this talent?

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Book Trial Question 5:
Who is the Head of Housekeeping in the Hotel Deucalion?

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Chase Trial Question 1:
Who is Morrigan’s steed in the Chase Trial?

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Chase Trial Question 2:
What animal does Cadence Blackburn fall off before Morrigan picks her up?

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Chase Trial Question 3:
Cadence convinces an Official that a Unicorn was in fact a what?

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Chase Trial Question 4:
Five coveted golden targets are placed in which square?

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Chase Trial Question 5:
What are they testing for in the Chase Trial?

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Fright Trial Question 1:
What is the name of the Parade Jupiter takes Morrigan to on Hallowmas night?

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Fright Trial Question 2:
Morrigan and Hawthorne encounter the Witches of which Coven?

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Fright Trial Question 3:
How do they escape the zombies in Morden Cemetery?

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Fright Trial Question 4:
Where is the candle that Morrigan is drawn to in the garden courtyard?

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Fright Trial Question 5:
What does her friend Hawthorne think he has been fighting in his Fright Trial?

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Show Trial Question 1:
What is Noelle’s talent?

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Show Trial Question 2:
Who convinced Hawthorne to drop the jelly sculpture on Noelle’s head?

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Show Trial Question 3:
What does Jupiter do to show the Elders Morrigan’s ability?

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Show Trial Question 4:
How many signatures is Jupiter told to find for the safeguard pact?

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Show Trial Question 5:
Which of the Elders signs the safeguard pact?

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