Who was your secret love in your past life?

Ever wanted to know who you loved? Well here it is!

On Jan 31, 2016

What color are your eyes?

Do you believe in Love at first sight?

What are your aspirations?

Hair color?

Fave element?

Which form of expression most represents you?

Fave Gaga?

Do you like Adele?

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The Stable Boy

The Stable Boy

Every week you longed for your riding lesson, if only to see the love of your life, a lowly stable hand you had grown closer to over the years. You knew from the start that it would be impossible to become public with your relationship, but it was worth it.

The Prince

The Prince

The prince was a handsome and rich son of the king who loved you dearly like a lion loves a lioness! It was crushing to learn that you had to keep your relationship a secret from the common population, but you knew it was for the best.

The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door

When he moved in next door, many years ago, you thought nothing of it. But as times progressed, so did your love for each other. He was always the one you could trust to console you when you're sad, but in the end, he was more than that. You fell in love with the boy next door, but family disputes stopped you from telling anyone.