The Last Time The Patriots And Eagles Played In The Super Bowl Was In 2004, How Well Do You Remember The Game?

Super Bowl XXXIX was one to remember, now see how your memory is of the showdown!

Boogey Man
Created by Boogey Man
On Feb 2, 2018
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Where was the game played?

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The Patriots became the first team to win back to back championships since who:

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The Patriots also became just the second team ever to win 3 championships in 4 years, who was the first team?

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Which Patriots was named Super Bowl MVP?

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Branch became the third offensive Super Bowl MVP to win the award without scoring a touchdown, Fred Biletnikoff was one, who was the third?

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Who was the halftime performer and "safe" choice after controversy hit the previous year's show?

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Prior to 2004 the Eagles had lost 3 straight NFC Championships, which team did they not lose to?

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What offensive star was considered to be the Patriots major offseason acquisition?

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Which Eagles offensive star missed the entire 2004 playoffs up until the Super Bowl due to injury?

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The 2017 Patriots are predicted to lose both of their coordinators, the 2004 Patriots also lost both of theirs, Charlie Weis and who?

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The Eagles attempted in 2004 and will try again this year to win their first Super Bowl since when?

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After the Super Bowl Fox premiered what animated TV show?

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