Only The Biggest NXT Fans Can Pass This NXT Takeover History Quiz

Before NXT Takeover: Toronto this Saturday, see how much you remember from past Takeover event.

Boogey Man
Created By Boogey Man
On Nov 17, 2016
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After this Saturday's NXT Takeover: Toronto, who will have main-evented the most Takeovers?

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Who won the first ever NXT: Takeover match?

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Takeover will be in Toronto this Sunday, the event has been held outside of Florida in three other locations: Brooklyn, Dallas and:

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At the first Takeover, Adrian Neville won the NXT title in a ladder match from what superstar?

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Who did Charlotte first defeat to become NXT Champion?

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Although it was prior to the first Takeover, who was the first ever NXT champion?

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Who is the only superstar to come down from the main roster to main event a Takeover?

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How many times has the NXT Title changed hands at Takeover?

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Who were the longest running NXT Tag Team Champions?

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This Saturday Mickie James will return to face Asuka. Who returned at NXT Brooklyn to face Tyler Breeze?

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Which member of the Four Horsewomen was never NXT Women's Champion?

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This Saturday is the finals of the Second Annual Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic, who won the first tournament?

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