Match The Lyric To The YouTuber

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Created by Amplify
On Mar 29, 2017
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"You're one of a kind,
I'm losing my mind,
I'm telling you all of the time"

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"Her name was honesty,
but she wasn't honest"

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"I've been settling scores,
I've been fighting so long,
But I've lost your war"

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"Are you joking?
Must be joking,
You ain't laughin',
I ain't smokin'"

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"If you can't reach me again,
Well, you are my only friend,
And you'll find me at the bottom playing guitar badly"

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I got a lot more,
But I forgot who they are,
Sorry not sorry,
I'm just a superstar"

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"White noise in my mind,
Won't calm down,
You're all I think about"

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