What Wings of Fire dragon race would you belong to?

Ever wanted to discover what kind of dragon from Wings of Fire you would be? Take the quiz and have the chance to find out!

Blue Halo
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On Jun 15, 2019
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I would most want to live in a place...

Which scene would stand out to you most?

Which of these would most entertain you?

How are you like with others?

Pick an animal that relates to you most…

Your natural elemental power would be…

Your diet would consist of…

Which of these activities would you be best at or prefer?

If you were to be insulted, you would be called…

If you were to be complimented, you would be called…

If your friends got into a fight, you would…

I am most afraid of…

I am least afraid of…

Which of these hard experiences have you been through most?

How are you like in relationships?

If you had the chance to rule the whole world, you would make sure that everyone...

If you could be known for one thing, it’d be for your…



Congratulations, its turns out you would be a Mudwing! Mudwings are known for being loyal and strong. You are likely to value strength and hard work, and you enjoy hanging out with your group of best friends. Though some may assume that you might not be the smartest, you still keep the strongest loyalty to your friends, and won't back down to save them.

Natural abilities: Very strong, can hold breathe for up to an hour, can blend into mud, can breathe fire if warm enough.

Coloration and appearance: Any type of brown, yet may sometimes have shimmering gold and amber under scales. Eyes can be gold or brown. Usually are very large and muscular.



Congratulations, looks like you are a Sandwing! Sandwings are known for being rebel trouble makers, yet usually very cunning when doing so. You know just how to start up havoc, weather for purposes of good or just for sheer fun. The sly things you do often make you seem very popular among others, and you are likely to be the start of many conversations. With your amount of cleverness, no one can outsmart your deadly plans or the drama you'll create.

Natural abilities: Can breathe fire, has poisonous barbed tail, can last without water and food for very long amounts of time, can blend into the sand, can outlast lots of heat.

Coloration and appearance: Yellow, light gold, tan, and white gold, with blonde, brown, or black hair. May sometimes have diamondback patterns. Eyes are black, sometimes with gold around the pupil area. Usually keep pretty thin in body structure.



Congratulations, you are truly meant to be a Skywing! Skywings are known for being fierce and usually quite aggressive. Most of the time you prefer not to be messed with, however, you still make sure to stand against anyone that gets in your way, and won't easily put up with those who bother you. You also find lots of entertainment from any fighting you see, making your life feel more wild and fun. Yet you are also fiercely passionate about what you believe in, and won't let others change your mind on it.

Natural abilities: Great at fighting, very fast and powerful fliers, can breathe fire.

Coloration and appearance: Any colors of red, orange, and gold. Has enormous wings.



Congratulations, you are meant to be a Seawing! Seawings are known for being smart and aggressive in behavior. You are usually quite fun to be around, yet will make sure that everyone knows you won't put up with those who do wrong or stupid things in front of you. You also make sure that no one will get away with back talking you without putting up with a fight.

Natural abilities: Can breathe underwater, has a very strong tail, can swim very fast and powerful, can see in the dark.

Coloration and appearance: Any colors of blue and green. Has glow in the dark scales used for underwater communication.



Congratulations, turns out you'd be a Rainwing! Rainwings are known for being tranquil and tolerant of others. You can put up with those you disagree with, and you prefer to keep out of trouble for others. You are also known for being strikingly beautiful, which is a very envied trait by others. Many people may be known to insult you, but much amount insult doesn't bother you easily anyway.

Natural abilities: Can change scale colors to disguise and camouflage into anything, able to shoot venom out of their fangs, very skillful climbers.

Coloration and appearance: Can be any color at any time, yet will usually change color based on emotion. Red is angry, orange is irritated, yellow is excited, light green is sickly, green is displeased, blue is calm, indigo is prideful, dark purple is guilty, pinkish purple is confused, pink is joyful, redish pink is in love or embarrassed, gray to blue gray is sadness, and black is hate. Eyes can be bright yellow, green, and blue.



Congratulations, looks like you'd be an Icewing! Icewings are known for taking pride in what they accomplish, and will use reason and logic before they consider what they hear. You value having as much success in your endeavors as possible, and usually know exactly how to get things done.

Natural abilities: Can breathe out a deadly frost breathe, has a sharp whip-like tail, has very long knife sharp claws that can walk on ice, highly cold resistant, can see through bright light.

Coloration and appearance: White, light blue, and silver scales that shine like diamonds and ice. Eyes are black, sometimes with white, light blue, or silver around the pupil.



Congratulations, looks like you are truly a Nightwing! Nightwings are known for being very secretive and mysterious. You have many brilliant ideas that may be hard for others to accept or understand. Most of the time your prefer to live with less people, or in solitude from others after having such a hard time with others understanding your deep thoughts. You may have to deal with being insecure all the time as well, living a life of knowing too much about what others think of you, how others can't understand you, and about all the problems in reality. However, you know that your life is best being a secret that others can't comprehend.

Natural abilities: Can breathe fire, can disappear into dark shadows, can sometimes be born with the power to read minds and foretell the future.

Coloration and appearance: Can be colors of black, dark purple, and sometimes dark blue. Has scales like glittering stars underneath the wings with patterns of the night sky.

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