Is Reiki Right For You?

If you are wondering if Reiki is the right healing modality for you, this quiz will help you gain clarity to see if it is in alignment with your path.

Blossoming Lotus
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Have you ever heard of the holistic healing model? The idea that your mind, body, and spirit need to be in balance for true healing to occur?

Do you take time regularly to connect to your spirit, or, the part of yourself that is infinite?

Is there a part of your physical body that you would like to heal?

Are you going through a life experience that is causing emotional pain?

Are there goals in your personal or professional life that you feel blocked in achieving?

Do you crave a deep sense of inner peace in your entire being?

Do you feel that you are easily affected by others’ energies around you?

Are there any relationships in your life that you would like to heal? (With someone who is living or has passed on)

Consciously Awakened

Consciously Awakened

Your journey has already led you home to yourself. You connect to your breath and intuition regularly. You are in touch with your Higher Self. You could benefit from experiencing the Reiki energy as it can take you to your next level of spiritual growth and transformation. Reiki is another modality that will allow you to connect with the infinite love of the Universe.
You might consider taking a Reiki class to learn this powerful modality, which you can use on yourself or others. You could also benefit from a Reiki session to explore what the Universe has in store for you next!

Ready For Transformation

Ready For Transformation

There are two paths before you: one leads to more of where you have already been and another takes you on a new, unknown transformational journey. Let Reiki guide and support you on your path to vibrant health, emotional peace, and living a life that is more in alignment with who you truly are. Rise out of the murky water and blossom in the light of this transformational journey of empowerment.
Often times our pains and problems are results of years of repeating old and outdated beliefs and thought patterns to ourselves. While I have seen it happen, it is rare that someone experience complete relief and healing after just one session. We need time to reflect and go deep into discovering what the underlying belief or thought pattern may be, and then discover where you are holding this in your energy. You would benefit most from the White Lotus Immersion.
Still unsure? Schedule a 30 minute call with me today to discover if Reiki is right for you.

The Seeker

The Seeker

You have already taken conscious steps to connect to your “spirit,” or your Higher Self, but would like to discover more ways to incorporate it into your daily life. Reiki can activate and clear your energy channels, allowing you to live more intentionally in every moment. Living a more intentional life, a life more deeply connected to who you really are, can empower you to create a physical reality that you may have once thought impossible
Connect and transform as the powerful creator of your reality by booking a Reiki Session today! Do you feel ready to go deeper and take life changing steps towards being your best self? Explore the White Lotus Immersion.

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