What Percent of You is Tomboy?

This test has what you could call "stereotypical" questions. It's just for fun and you be who you wanna be.

Created By Bleaky
On Mar 8, 2018
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Would you mind if someone called you "dude"?

Do you usually hang out with guys or gals?

What genre of movies/shows do you usually enjoy most?

Do you like listening to rap?

What's your favorite activity to do with friends?

Would you consider yourself "sporty"?

Which app?

Are you arty?

Would you consider wearing makeup now?

How about in the future?

What kind of piercing do you like the best?

Do you enjoy reading?

Which pet looks cutest in these photos? (Not which one you personally like best; just the one you think is most adorable.)

Do you think that you're a tomboy?

Lastly, do most of your friends think that you're a tomboy?

One Hundred Percent

One Hundred Percent

Congrats, you're one hundred percent a tomboy! You probably enjoy running around outdoors whenever possible, playing whatever game keeps you from being bored. You don't really care all too much about fashion, as long as your clothes are comfy and you like them.

Fifty Percent

Fifty Percent

Woo, you are fifty percent tomboy! You can be girly at times when you want to, but you don't completely fit into either category of being a rough-and-tumble tomboy or a life-of-the-party gal. Good for you, you're really unique!

Zero Percent

Zero Percent

Gasp! You're not a tomboy at all! But that's fine, you just enjoy other things in life. You're possibly a girly-girl, but maybe not...

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