Which The Paper & Hearts Society Character Are You?

Created by BKMRK
On Jun 24, 2019
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Which of the below activities are you most likely to be doing on a Friday night?

Pick a doughnut:

Pick a book genre:

Which emoji do you use most?

Pick a book character:

Pick a place in the UK you'd love to visit:

You're hanging out with your friends and they start prancing around the room pretending they're in a Jane Austen novel.
How do you react?

You are TABBY!
You are a book-lover and adore reading all kinds of books. You tend to be the quiet one of the group, but you're fiercely loyal and always come up with the best ideas! You get nervous in new situations sometimes, but you also know your true friends will always be there for you.

You are OLIVIA!
You live and breathe books and want to help as many people as possible live their best bookish life. You are also the leader of your group. You're organised and you love coming up with fun ideas for you and your friends to get involved in. Your ultimate dream is a career in book publishing, such as becoming a Book Editor, and you love reading classics by Jane Austen.

You are CASSIE!
You enjoy spending time alone but you also really like having a small, close-knit group of friends to hang out with. You're sarcastic and can sometimes take a while to let people see the real you. You love art, music, graphic novels and eye-rolling at things you think are silly!

You are ED!
You are a positive and up-beat person as well as being the friend everyone can rely on. You're funny, easy to talk to and always make everyone feel better. You're VERY good at knowing when to bring delicious snacks to an event (always) and you love doughnuts, ice cream, Shakespeare and animals.

You are HENRY!
You're always looking out for everyone and always put your friends and family before anyone else. You cry at the end of most movies (including the Deathly Hallows). You're an easy-going person who loves to read and hang out with your friends. Sometimes people think of you as mysterious, but deep down you're just someone who enjoys the company of those who understand you.