Which Gallagher brother are you? Liam or Noel?

Take our quiz to find out which Oasis star you are. Are you the loud and stylish Liam or the immensely talented Noel?

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On Jun 26, 2017

Which Toy Story character do you relate to the most?

You're on a ferry to Amsterdam, what are you likely to end up doing with your time while traveling?

Pick a jacket

What's your opinion on Russell Brand?

Who would you rather share a stage with?

You're hungover at work and you're struggling to cope, what do you do?

Pick a pair of trainers

Opinion on Damon Albarn of Blur?

You've got some spare time to watch some TV but you have to chose one of the following...

How do you use social media?



Congrats; you're Liam. You're extremely stylish and a connoisseur of British fashion. You're a bit of a loudmouth and you are certainly not shy of self-confidence. You never really bother to pull you weight in group projects and you don't ever revise for exams but still top the class. You're not afraid of anyone and you'd back yourself in any fight. (Oh and, you're not fond of potatoes).



Congrats; you're Noel. You are undoubtedly extremely talented and are the best in anything you participate in. You have an opinion on everything and everyone and you're not afraid to share it. People find you easy to talk to and you're also a bit of a family man. (Oh, and you love salt & vinegar crisps).

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