BikeRadar's 2016 Trivia Challenge

Test your 2016 cycling trivia knowledge…

Created by BikeRadar
On Dec 19, 2016
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For its 110th birthday, Wilier released a new and very limited edition bike: the Zero 6. What accessory also came with the bike?

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Peter Sagan traded skinny tyres for knobby ones at the Rio Olympics, but his race didn’t go according to plan. How many punctures did he get?

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"It doesn’t numb terrain the way big wheels with more suspension travel are apt to do. Instead, it retains a playful, huck-happy demeanor." Which full suspension 29er does this quote refer to?

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Three of these are craft beers and one is a bike, pick the bike

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Which non-cycling related company launched a bike this year for 'people who don't like the hassle of owning a bike?'

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The STAC Zero Turbo trainer is totally silent and does not contact your wheel or cassette. How does it create resistance?

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In what country did a hotel ban lycra clad cyclists and their “unsightly bumps and bulges” in an effort to “raise standards?”

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How old did bike brand Lapierre turn this year?

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How many days was GoPro’s Karma drone on the market before it was recalled?

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Denise Mueller set the Woman's Paced Bicycle Land Speed Record back in September, how fast did she go?

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Which luxury fashion brand now owns the majority stake in Pinarello?

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