Chimney Swift Quiz

Test what you know about these special birds. (No, they are not BATS!)

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Are Chimney Swifts nocturnal -- sleeping (roosting) in the chimneys by day and coming out at night?

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Another name for the Chimney Swift is the Chimney Sweep.

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Do Chimney Swifts return to the same chimney each year to nest?

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What is the average life span of a Chimney Swift?

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How long do Chimney Swift chicks stay in the nest before their first flight?

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How long is the average incubation period for Chimney Swift eggs?

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Do Chimney Swifts migrate by day or by night?

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How many eggs does a pair of Chimney Swifts lay?

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How do Chimney Swifts attach their nests to the inside of a chimney?

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How many Chimney Swifts will nest in one chimney?

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How far south do Chimney Swifts migrate in the fall?

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How far north do Chimney Swifts migrate in the spring?

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Why might Chimney Swifts become endangered in the next few decades?

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What do Chimney Swifts eat?

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How many Chimney Swifts may roost in a single chimney during migration?

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Where did Chimney Swifts nest and roost before there were chimneys?

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