Mastering Stress Online Course - Quiz

Take this quiz to find out how stressed you are.

Global Success Academy
On Mar 29, 2017

Take the time to work through the signs of stress. Have you experienced any of the following? Indicate if you feel each symptom daily, regularly or sometimes.

Sleep disturbance (insomnia, restless sleep)

Clenched jaw

Grinding teeth

Frequent colds and infections

Stomach upsets, such as diarrhoea, nausea or constipation

Lump in your throat

Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing

Agitated behaviour, like twiddling your fingers

Playing with your hair

Increased heart rate

General restlessness

Sense of muscle tension in your body, or muscles twitching

Non cardiac chest pains



Cold clammy palms and feet

Sweaty palms



Stumbling over words

Ringing in the ears

High blood pressure

Lack of sexual desire

High blood pressure

Low energy


Mental slowness or confusion

Negative attitudes or thoughts

Constant worry

Racing thoughts

Difficulty concentrating


Difficulty thinking in a logical sequence

Poor judgement



Diminished sense of humour


Jumpiness, over excitability

Feeling overworked

Feeling overwhelmed

Sense of helplessness


Decreased contact with family and friends

Poor work relations

Sense of loneliness and isolation

Avoiding others

Failing to set aside times for relaxation

You're Sometimes Stressed

You're Sometimes Stressed

You understand that stress is part of life. While you may occasionally experience some symptoms of stress, they aren’t taking a drastic toll on your life. You may benefit from adopting a few simple strategies to manage your stress, so you can feel even calmer under pressure.

You're Regularly Stressed

You're Regularly Stressed

You experience moderate levels of stress at times, and this has some impact on your wellbeing. It is time to look carefully at the areas that stress manifests itself in your life – physical, mental, emotional or behavioural. If you can see an obvious pattern, then it’s time to take stock and develop some strategies for successful stress management.

You're Stressed Every Day

You're Stressed Every Day

Stress is taking over your life – and you have physical, mental, emotional or behavioural symptoms to prove it. Look through carefully at the areas that stress manifests itself in your life – physical, mental, emotional or behavioural. This will help you to work out how you need to tackle your stress before it overwhelms your life.

Without making some changes, stress may do irreparable damage to your health. Don’t delay in making changes now before it’s too late.