World Football Quiz - Top Goalscorers

Test your knowledge on some of the greatest goalscorers of all time! Place your bets at: Ghana: Kenya: Uganda:

On Nov 25, 2016
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Who is Chelsea's all-time top scorer with 212 goals to his name?

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Can you tell us who scored the most goals in a single season for Real madrid? 61 Goals to be exact.

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Do you know who the top goalscorer is for Arsenal as well as for his country?

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Who is the top English Premier League goalscorer of all-time with 260 goals in 441 appearances?

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Having won the African player of the year on 4 occasions, can you tell us who has scored the most African Cup Of Nations goals?

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In 2014, Ronaldo's record of 15 FIFA World Cup goals was surpassed. Do you know who took the record from him with 16 goals to his name?

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