Can We Guess If Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?

Have you got everything to describe yourself well?

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How would you react when somebody disagree with you?

Do you usually take a lot of criticism?

Watch the clip. Then tell what are you thinking about what this kid's doing?

Are you a lover of animals?

Can you say you love being 'round the people or party crowd?

Pick a quote.

Pick a place you can go for holiday.

Pick a cute love picture that looks the best to you.

When people call you to ask you to a party, how would you answer?

What means TRUE LOVE in these sentences to you?

Do you feel beautiful or ugly?

Are you confident or insecure?

Can you say you are a real risk taker?

How do you feel about yourself, as an introvert or an extrovert?

Would you choose to thinking before speaking or tell whatever you feel instantly?

You got into school and you saw a fight came out to your friend with her/his enemy. What would you do.

Can you make friends easily? Or would you more wait for the first step from others?

Do you like to share your happiness?

You're walkin' on the street that you always shoppin' from. Then you see your nemesis. How would you get rid of them?

Which of these adjectives describes you the most?

If the world was a color, which one would it be to you?

How would you express yourself in the easiest way?

How would you want to be for the rest of your life?

Are you usin' the social media?

What if people force you to dance and sing a popular song in front of the big crowd?

Can we hear your voice low or loud?

Well, now tell, do you smile often?

Do you feel comfortable to act like the way you were at home?

Lastly, do you feel that you are forced to act unnatural? (To be loved or to be a good person.)



You're the person of outside and not shy to show yourself. You may have a small pride :) and having fun is what you can't live without! Everybody can't take their eyes from you and they look you admiringly.

You're very successful and you don't think excessive, you don't care what they say and listen to your heart. And you're not afraid to tell your own real thoughts. You know how to get what you want to take, your dreams are what keeps you tied together with life.

You like the parties, and you can go anywhere you can let your gush out. You don't know why the some of people are introvert. To you, life can't be lived being shy and closed to the crowd, everybody thinks you're right and cute because you know how to look positive and you're not afraid to get a little ridiculous at all. :)

You already knew that, right?

Did we nail it, you can tell us in the comments :)



You're the person of inside, you're very afraid to tell your true thoughts and think nobody's going to like you after that. You're shy and wanna stay at home, never wanna go into crowd and cry alone, you shouldn't do it,

The life isn't that hard you thought, and worth living. You try to get away from politic topics, and never wanna fight someone but sometimes we have to. You accept you were wrong when someone's telling you so and never defend yourself. Just wanna gain the aim that's on your mind on your own, you can only speak clear to your friends and sometimes you can't even tell to your family, You don't have fun enough and always stressed about tomorrow and not living today. Don't Do It! You're everything you want to be,

Listen what Katy Perry said;

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