How Well Do You Remember Last Year's NCAA Tournament? Find Out With This Impossible Quiz

Can you recall the huge plays, best performances, and biggest upsets? Prepare yourself for this year's March Madness by taking a look back at last years.

Ben Harrison
Created By Ben Harrison
On Mar 9, 2017
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Michigan State was a trendy pick to make it to the Final Four last year. This team upset them in the biggest statistical upset in NCAA history:

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Paul Jesperson hit an amazing buzzer beater half court shot to put UNI into the next round. What former UNI star hit a huge shot to secure an upset a few years back?

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The first round had 10 double digit seeds win games. Which team was the lowest seed to win after Middle Tennessee?

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In the second round, Texas A&M put together the biggest last-minute comeback in NCAA history against Northern Iowa. How much were the Aggies down by in the last minute?

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Bronson Koenig hit one of the shots of the tournament to put Wisconsin over which No. 2 seed in round of 32?

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In addition to the Texas A&M-UNI match-up, what was the other classic second round game that featured a last second tip-in?

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Of the 10 double digit seeds to make the second round, only 2 made it to the Sweet 16. One was Syracuse who eventually made the Final Four, who was the other?

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One side of the bracket's Elite Eight match-ups featured 4 teams from which one conference?

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The reigning Player of the Year willed his team to the Final Four; who is this player?

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North Carolina made it to the championship game only to lose to Villanova; it was their first Final Four since they won the title in what year?

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Villanova won one of the best National Championship games of all-time. Who hit the buzzer-beater 3 pointer to seal it?

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