Can You Pass The Homicide Detective Test?

Do you have what it takes to be a crime-solving detective?

Ben Glass
Created by Ben Glass
On Feb 24, 2015

Which of the following would be the best question during an interrogation?

Which of the following is a focus of criminalistics?

In which direction do subjects typically look when they are recalling information?

When are you not allowed to taser a subject?

What are the rules of Engagement?

Have you ever experimented with drugs?

Do you have a criminal record?

Which of these is a written order from a court directed to an officer that a person be placed under arrest?

The characteristic appearance of asphyxia victims will be noted in what portion of the body?

You arrive at a crime scene, and as you photograph the corpse you notice maggots. This helps to establish a time since death of approximately:

Which of these is not a cause of death classification?

Evidence such as hair, fibers, paint chips and glass fragments are called what?

Well done, Special Agent!

Well done, Special Agent!

You were born to solve crimes! You are highly intelligent and able to put the pieces together in order to solve the hardest mysteries. Reading people is one of your many talents, and you would be able to get a confession out of any murderer. Better go join the force!

You didn't quite make the cut!

You didn't quite make the cut!

You're not quite cut out to be a homicide detective! You do have a knack for criminology though, and you pay close attention to detail, so you should put on your gloves and cap and be a crime scene investigator!

You should be a crime scene investigator!

You should be a crime scene investigator!

Your knowledge of criminology and solving murder mysteries isn't quite there yet! But don't worry, you are brave and fierce and probably better suited for a job in action, like the police force or the SWAT team.