Launch a replica of LinkedIn to target specific niche market

Created by BellaLingard
On Sep 1, 2017
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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking website. But the depth of this fact can be understood by looking over these numbers:

  • There are 467 million LinkedIn users globally.
  • 1.5 million LinkedIn groups.
  • Every second, 2 new members are added on LinkedIn.

All of these might look to be positive numbers to most of the people in the global business community, making it profitable to start a professional networking website of your own business. However, a deeper look will show an underlying problem, which is not observed by all.

Such a huge amount of audience on the platform shows that more and more professionals are willing to join LinkedIn. The problem being, these professionals belong to different industries. Some might be from designing and media, some might be in marketing, some in legal, some in finance, some in web development and so on.

For a working professional, this might not seem to be a relevant fact. But, for a headhunter who has to hire people from diverse profiles and backgrounds, this can be a huge problem. Imagine, trying to find the right talent in itself is such a headache, when you have to screen people from a huge group of diverse fields, the problem just grows by multitudes!

You cannot rely on the simple keyword matches to ensure whether all the Key Performance Indicators are covered when hiring someone for a specific role. Take this for an instance; do you think you can hire a lawyer easily on Professional Networking website like LinkedIn Clone? Where will you find his professional statements, his legal standing, his degree and qualifications, his case history or his professional background? It can definitely answer some of these questions, but not all. And that is where an opportunity is available.

The business community, globally, needs specific professional social networks which are specially designed for a certain set of related industries. For instance, a social network for legal and copyrights industry professionals, a social network for media and advertising industry professionals and so on.

Now the question arises – how do you do it?
Should you go out and hire a set of developers, coders, programmers, web designers, UI/UX developers and content writers to develop a specific social network for you? That way, you might just end up developing a ‘me too’ website while burning a hole in your pocket. The solution to this is a LinkedIn Clone.
Now, your task is to tie up with experts who can help you design a unique User Interface for your LinkedIn Clone Script. There are tons of Social Networking Scripts to choose from and only right professionals can provide you with a LinkedIn clone from these open source social network scripts.

Next, here is a step by step guide to build a LinkedIn replica using a LinkedIn clone to target a specific niche:

1. Hire the correct agency to help you develop a unique visual identity and provide with a Best Social Network Script.

2. Ask your agency to choose the clone from a set of open source social network scripts. This way, the social network software form being used will be free from any copyrights or trademarks.

3. Lock down on a specific set of related industries such as Media and Advertising, or Legal and Copyrights, Or Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Finance and so on.

4. Once you have finalized on an industry, you can meet headhunters from these industries and ask them about the kind of competencies recruiters look for while hiring people in the industry. You can also meet a set of professionals from the industry and understand the dynamics of the industry.

5. Once done with this, you can ensure that these skills and competencies are validated and highlighted on the user profiles of your niche website.

6. As you start generating traffic, you can run specific ads or operate under a freemium model like LinkedIn.

The goal is to create a LinkedIn like website leveraging the possibilities of a LinkedIn clone script, and targeting it for a specific niche. Once mastered, you can run a set of such websites, and target different consumer groups. Using the ProsNexus - LinkedIn clone script will help you develop such websites at low costs and take less time for to develop. you can also check out Free demo of Best Social Network Script.