7 Salient Features That You Should Implement in Your Audio Streaming Script

Music gives us the unique opportunity to let go of our inhibitions and freely express ourselves. People will listen to different genres of music depending on their mood. They will access their music on their computers, hand-held gadgets, and mobile devices. Nowadays, there are several audio-sharing websites that allows the user to upload and share music. Due to the increasing demand in this type of platform, most websites are taking advantage of the Audio Sharing Software that will allow the users to share video and audio.

Here are some of the indispensable features that should be included in your Audio Streaming Software. This will help you reap the full benefits of having a SoundCloud clone.

1. Social Media Integration

The user should be able to access the platform seamlessly. They should be able to use their social media account to listen to their audios. Furthermore, it should also come with the amazing share-ability of the social media allowing the users to share their favorite music to their followers. By adding this feature on your audio sharing script, you will greatly improve the user-experience of your website. 

2. Analytic Reports

The audio streaming script should allow you to integrate analytic tools that will help you analyze the key information of your website. It should help you determine the hot spots in your webpage that will help you improve your ad placement. It should contain reports about the unique traffic, keywords that the audience use, demographics, the device or system they used and other important data. This will help you improve the viability of your website.

3. Responsive Design

We all know how important it is to be listed in the search engine sites. Nowadays, major search engine platforms pay attention to the responsiveness of your design. If you want to be discovered by your prospective audience, the spiders should be able to crawl and interpret your website. Your SoundCloud Clone needs to be mobile-friendly and responsive.

4. Notification System

The users will need to immediately be notified about the activities of the people around their circle. This will allow them to reach a wider audience in case they are sharing their personal music especially if they are independent artist.

5. Secured Payment System

If your Audio Streaming Software is offering premium ownership, they should be able to transact in a simple platform. In addition, if the users are allowed to purchase the music, the processing of the payment should be secured and fast.

6. Embedded Player

Your embedded player should allow the user to play music without any issues. It should be armed with essential tools that will allow them to personalize the audio.

7. Offline Playing and Music Downloading

Users should have the capacity to download their favorite music or album that will allow them to listen to it even if they are connected to the internet. 

These salient features of the Audio Sharing Script will help you developed a successful audio streaming platform.