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Brad and Kate Simpson embark on a mission to save the citizens of their city from vandalizes, thieves, and musclemen. Will they solve the case in time, or will their city be overcome by The Outcast and his henchmen?

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On Mar 8, 2018
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"Wake up, dude!" Brad says. "Wake up, wake up wake up wake up!" "Be quiet, you sound like a little kid!" I exclaim. I get up and shove him out of my room. I open my closet and think to myself; 'Hm, what to wear, what to wear.' I eventually pick out a black top with the words: ' DobreArmy' written across the top, with dark blue jeans. Before slipping this outfit on, I take a quick shower.

Who are you: Brad or Kate? (Read my story to find out about them)

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