Making That Beard Grow Really Thick And Long

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On Dec 12, 2017
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Making That Beard Grow Really Thick And Long

In many cultures around the world, a long and thick beard is considered to be a symbol of masculinity and power. Growing a mustache or a beard is easier said than done. You have to be patient and cautious in taking care of your growing beard. You also should remember that you can't compare your beard's growth with that of others because your beard growth will depend on your testosterone level and genetics. While nature plays its own role in how thick and long your beard will be, you can incorporate some simple steps into your daily routine to encourage your beard's growth process. A long and thick beard is essential while you're looking to buy beard ornaments in store.

Step 1: Taking Care of Your Body

The reason why it is important to take care of your body is because your body's health has a direct impact on your facial hair condition. Add more protein to your diet, like beans, eggs, fish, etc,. Stress is a killer which can lead to hair loss, so try to be more happy and stress-free. Exercise for some time on daily basis and get a full night's sleep each night. Exercising promotes blood circulation which aids in promoting hair growth. Use a scrub once a week to clear your facial skin of any dead cells. The clean facial skin encourages the growth of tiny facial hairs. Remember that nothing beats a healthy lifestyle which includes eating healthy food and drinks.

Step 2: Committing To The Process

One of the reasons why many men struggle with their beard hair growth is that they expect results too soon and give up at the point where their beard is showing signs of progress. When you're trying to grow your beard, you are likely to experience itchy beard to an extent where you're scratching your beard day and night. During initial four weeks, you're going to go through the phases of uncontrollable itching and the temptation to shave it off can be too strong to resist. If you can go beyond this point, you'll reach at a point where hair will soften up and itching will subside.

Step 3: Minerals and Vitamins

The significance of eating healthy food for promoting facial hair growth is known very well to most people. In addition to eating healthy, you need to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. Incorporate more vegetables and fruits in your diet as they help in promoting your hair growth. Without appropriate nutrients, the production of hair in your body gets slowed down.

Step 4: Buy Good Quality Beard Ornaments

Though beard ornaments have nothing to do with your facial hair growth, you should only use good quality beard decoration products so that they are easy to apply on your beard. You can find many good quality beard ornaments in stores which are popular amongst bearded men for their ease of using and negligible side effects on both facial skin as well as facial hair. Only use natural beard oil to add luster and softness to your beard hair.