10 questions: Technology in sport

Technology is catching cheaters, improving accuracy, and building world class athletes... But how much do you know about how sport has changed thanks to science?

Take BusinessCloud's quiz to find out.

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On Dec 8, 2016
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Which cricket technology was tested for the first time in an India v Sri Lanka match in 2008?

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Often accused of being a dull, monotonous sport, what technology was introduced to spice up Formula One in 2009?

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At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, organisers tackled warm temperatures using what?

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The NBA adopted the shot clock in 1954, but why was it introduced by Syracuse Nationals' owner Danny Biasone?

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The first televised football match was broadcast by the BBC in 1937 – but who was playing?

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Goal-line technology is now standard in every Premier League game, but which player scored the first goal to be allowed using it?

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These were first allowed by Le Tour De France in 1937. What are they?

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In 1994, what technology did the NFL allow to improve communication and relay play calls more easily?

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The controversial LZR Pro and LZR Elite swimsuits were introduced by Speedo just before the Beijing Olympics in 2008. By August 2009, how many world records had been broken thanks to them?

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Hawk-Eye technology has been around since 2001, but which sport used it first?

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