Deer Hunting Quiz: Do You Know How to Use the Pre-Rut Advantages?

Test your knowledge by taking the quiz below, and it just might help you nail a trophy buck this year.

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On Jul 31, 2017
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During the pre-rut bucks are:

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One of the main signs that the pre-rut has begun is:

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Bigger bucks tend to become _________ in the pre rut.

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The pre-rut is the best period to:

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Typically mature bucks will circle downwind when responding to a hunter’s rattling / grunting sequence.

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During the pre-rut period, the frequency of _________ checking often increases and becomes the most useful in providing ideas of buck travel.

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A _________ is a terrain situation in a whitetails’ range that narrows his travel options, often a number one consideration for hunters when hanging stands during the pre-rut.

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The pre-rut is classified as the:

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Hunters can pattern bucks in the pre-rut by focusing on the location of:

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It is best to set up your stand as close to a scrape as possible.

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The pre-rut is often considered the optimum time to get a crack at a monster buck, because:

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