How Likely Would You Be To Survive If Zombies Attacked Dublin?

Think you've got what it takes?

Created by Ballsdotie
On Jun 2, 2017

First off, some scene-setting – what part of town do you live in?

And what sort of place do you live in?

And last thing before shit gets real – what college did/do you go to?

Excellent! You're in the city centre, and they're closing in fast. What pub do you choose to hide out in?

Cool. And what's your weapon of choice?

Shit! All the pubs are closed due to our ridic licensing laws. Where next?

BTW, how clued in are you on all this? What was the last zombie movie you watched?

Okay, so town is overrun. You need to flee outwards – where do you go?

But wait! You need some wheels. What do you choose?

You come across a group of survivors along the way, but only have room in your vehicle for one – who do you bring?

Quick question while we're driving. What sports did you play in school?

How many days' supply of tea do you currently have on your person?

And finally: you've reached your destination. What do you do while you await the intervention of the army?

Not a BOTHER on ya

Not a BOTHER on ya

If the apocalypse happens, we're seeking you out. Top-notch instincts, a fighter's mentality, and a steely focus – you shall deliver us to the promised land (ie, Wicklow).

Should be grand

Should be grand

Nice work! You're not exactly guaranteed survival – but you've got good instincts, and you'd be a worthy addition to any pack.

Ah, you'd want to watch out there now

Ah, you'd want to watch out there now

Okay, you're not a TOTAL goner... but you're not exactly Rick Grimes either. You have some work to do, but we're confident you can get through this!

Absolutely screwed

Absolutely screwed

Let's put it this way – it's a miracle you even made it to the end of this quiz. Other people will avoid you if the apocalypse happens. Yes, that really is how bad you are.