21 Uncommon Things Men Find Attractive In Woman!

Girls - there are many small, uncommon things aside from personality, facial, and body shapes that men find attractive in you! Take a peak at some of these small, uncommon features men find attractive in you woman!

Baldy Nohairs
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On Apr 15, 2016

Being with a group of friends (girls)

Guys love it when they see a group of girls at the bar, especially when you and your friends get excited then start scream, laugh, and clutch each other’s arms while doing something together.


Seeing her "undone"

Men may love it when you look great, but that doesn't mean they don't like it when you look like a mess. Not saying an absolute mess, but the mess like when you had a long day at work.



it's true, most men love when girls wear their glasses!


Watching her apply makeup

Men may look like you're from another planet doing god-knows-what when you're applying your make-up, but what you don't know is that they find it quite attracting.


Her towel head

One of the strangest things that most men find extremely attractive in his woman is when she washes her hair.


Veiny boobs

Of course, and we all know it, men love boobs. But veiny boobs are also a very weird attraction to some men!


Your purse straps between your boobs

That annoying purse strap, or even seat belt between your boobs may annoy the hell out of you, but your opposite sex may love it. Do what is comfortable for you tho, always.


When a girl asks for help

In this day and age, girls can do anything they want. But men find it sexy when a woman asks for help, because men intuitively feel manlier when a girl needs help. It could be something simple, like asking for a pen or to reach out for something


Girls who "pig out"

Some men find it really cute when a girl can devour sauce covered chicken wings and aren’t afraid to dive in there without hesitation.


Raspy voices

Raspy voices can be really sexy!


Piles of clothing in their room

Not necessarily saying you need to destroy your room, but a little pile of clothes in a corner and nothing too chaos, many men can appreciate!


A stomach

A pudgy stomach. Shredded abs don’t appeal as much to me, but I can appreciate fluffiness, or muffin tops as they call it.


Woman who drive a crappy car.

There is just something sexy about a woman driving a clunker, we don't know... but it's something!!!


Talking with your hands

Anytime a girl talks with her hands. Like if she has very animated hand gestures, I find that really cute.


Random talents

If a girl can moonwalk, or throw food and catch it in her mouth or shuffle cards well - instant turn-on.


Pony tails and baseball caps

Oh my god, this is probably my favourite off this list.

I hate wearing baseball caps personally, but when a girl wears one and has her hair pulled through it... seeeexy



A lot of men find it sexy when a woman is a bit clumsy. Tripping, spilling stuff and more.


Girls who joke about gross things

A good sense of potty humor and being open about burps, farts and other bodily sounds is a nice change from those who treat it like an unspeakable subject.


Girls hooking entertainment stuff up

Watching a girl hook up a dvd player or your xbox to the TV is quite attracting. So, I guess seeing a woman handle things that are traditionally done by a man are quite sexy!


Boob sweat

One woman’s annoyance is another man’s strange pleasure.


Good handwriting

I know it sounds stupid and weird, but I’ve always been fascinated by quality penmanship.

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