How well do you understand insurance?

Insurance is part of our day to day lives, whether it is home insurance, car insurance or health insurance, at some stage in their lives almost everyone will take out an insurance policy. How well do you actually understand insurance? Discover today by taking this simple quiz!

Balcombes Claims Management
Created by Balcombes Claims Management
On Jun 24, 2015
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Which of the following describes the principle of indemnity?

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Which part of an insurance policy describes what property and/or perils will be covered by the contract?

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Which of the following is not a requirement for forming a valid contract?

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What is another name for the cost of insurance?

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The “ground rules” are described in which part of an insurance policy?

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What is the consideration that an insurer gives to the insured under an insurance contract?

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What individual calculates the insurance premium?

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What is the insurance principle that applies when completing the Proposal Form?

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