What's Your Scandal?

Find our what compromising, gossip-worthy Regency romance situation you’re mostly likely to get entangled in by taking this quiz, penned by the bestselling author of SIX DEGREES OF SCANDAL, Caroline Linden!

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What is the proper attire for a ball?
A simple white dress because, while I'm not married, I WANT to be.
A daring deep blue gown because I look horrible in white.
Trousers and a fitted jacket because i want to see how the other half (i.e., men) live.
I'd rather be at a gaming hell than any ball.
My thoughts on lemonade and seed cake, the refreshments Almack's is famous for:
I don't have time for respectable and tasteless. I ate before arriving.
I hope I'm dancing the whole night and don't have time to eat or drink.
The lemonade is just dandy, after I spiked it with the gin my friends and I smuggled in.
Respectable and appropriate, even if a little tasteless.
If ever I found myself unexpectedly alone with a rake, I would...
Ask him if he knows where to find the good brandy, and invite him to share a glass with me.
Warn him some husband-hunting young girls were headed this way, and offer to show him an escape route.
Tell him he'll have to marry me if we are caught together.
Hide behind the sofa and pray a handsome gentleman would rescue me.
If the most notorious rakehell in London asked me to dance, I would...
Whisper to him, behind my fan, that we both know it's not dancing on his mind.
Blush and stand speechless with shock.
Give him a frosty look and firmly declare, "Absolutely not!"
Smile mysteriously and tell him I had much rather stroll on the terrace...in the dark...alone...
What is the proper response to being suddenly kissed?
Kiss him back, but not too boldly.
Kiss him back, then dare him to kiss me properly the next time or this will be the last kiss...
Kiss him back, because this is an important skill to learn.
Shock, swoon, and a tiny bit of joy because...oh my, that was lovely!
If offered the chance to do something highly improper, I would...
Ask my older brother's most notorious friend to take me. The baddest boys know all the best tricks, after all.
Sneak out of the house to go check it out. Carpe diem!
Only go if my sister or best friends are going. Someone needs to keep them from getting into too much trouble.
Tell my mother/guardian a half-truth and bribe my maid to help me.
If a respectable gentleman asked to court me, I would...
Turn him down. Conventional is so boring.
Turn him down, but gently and for his own good. I haven't seen or done enough to settle down yet, obviously!
Blush furiously and say yes, yes, yes!
Say yes...then rush to learn every bit of gossip I can about him.
If a notorious rake asked me to marry him, I would...
Sense that he has an ulterior motive in mind, and say yes...subject to some terms and conditions. He may want my dowry, but he'll have to win my heart.
Say no, but a little coyly. Perhaps he's not as bad as gossip says... And if he really wants me, he'll be even more determined to woo me.
Say no. I could never truly trust a man with his reputation.
My ideal marriage proposal would be...
In my bedroom, at midnight, after he's just scaled the side of my house to declare his eternal love...
In a beautiful summer garden, with my suitor on bended knee.
At the most important ball of the Season, in front of everyone who never thought I'd attract such a man. (I'll show them!)
Made by me, right before we make love in the carriage.
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