Are you a Tomboy or a Girly Girl?

Are you really the kind of girl you thought you were? Find out!

Created by AvaTater
On Mar 29, 2017

What are you most likely to do on a daily basis?

What's your favorite color?(Out of these)

What hairstyle do you like the best?

How often do you play video games?

How often do you go shopping?

Do you prefer Heels or Sneakers?

Do you wear perfume or nail polish?

Which would you rather do?

How often do you wear jewelry?

Are you into sports?

You go on YouTube and you....

What do you do With UnNeeded School papers?

Which style/look do you like best?

Which bedroom design looks most appealing to you?

Which dog would you like the most?

Which Halloween Costume do you like the best?

How often do you watch TV?



You are a TomBoy! You sometimes act a little like a boy. You are messy, a sloppy eater, and your favorite color is black, green, or blue. You love video games! you also love sports.

Girly Girl!

Girly Girl!

You are a Girly Girl! You really care about the way you look, and you try to be nice to everyone you meet. You have a really big heart. And chances are, you have a lot of friends! And I'm sure your favorite color is pink or purple.