Can We Guess Your Favorite Color Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Whether you're a taurus, aeries, gemini, virgo, scorpio, libra or any other zodiac sign... We're (pretty) sure we can guess your favorite color!

Ava McCarthy
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On Aug 24, 2022

While your favorite color may influence what you wear, the things you buy, and what you're most inspired by, your zodiac sign actually helps you live out your true essence.

As Bruna of ColorsExplained discusses, "Colors have the power to make everything bright or gloomy, and like individuals, zodiac signs also have an affinity with specific hues. For this reason, it’s essential to identify the color that vibes with your astrological sign.
All zodiac signs are associated with different colors, and each zodiac sign has its own power color."

Let's dive a little deeper into the relation between a few zodiac signs and their colors...
Again, these explanations are taken from the lovely Bruna of ColorsExplained!

Colors of Taurus
"Green is the color of Taurus. You can tap into the color green to blossom in different areas of your life. Green is associated with growth and progress. It’s the color of plants, and it nurtures your Taurus spirit by giving your bull the energy to grow. Also, green is the color of wealth, the color of money. Venus instills in you the love of wealth and earthly possessions, which green lets you embrace."

Colors of Aries
"As an Arian, you are obviously fiery, energetic, and passionate. Your overall powerful energy is in line with what the color red represents. It calls for action. It is a color of impulse. In the spectrum of colors, red is a dramatic hue that stands for dominance, energy, physical needs, and assertion, which complements your Aries spirit. Also, red is the color of passion and aggression, which embodies the intense nature of your zodiac sign."

Gemini Favorite Color?
"You have strong personality traits which are related to the air element of your zodiac sign. You are also adaptable, curious, outgoing, and versatile. Your curiosity tends to make you talkative, nosy, and a lover of gossip.
Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the auspicious Gemini Lucky Color is yellow."

While we didn't cover them all... Virgo's favorite color, Scorpio's favorite color, Libra's favorite color and more of the sign's favorite colors can be further explained on the ColorsExplained site!













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