Are you a Royalist or a Rebel?

Take this quiz to determine which category you would fit into in the Shadow Fall world: Royalist or Fienian Rebel

Audrey Grey
Created by Audrey Grey
On Aug 3, 2016

On a night out, what would you be caught wearing?

If you disagree with your government and its laws, what would you do?

Your idea of a good time is?

If you had to choose a weapon, you would choose:

Which statement best describes you?

Would you give up technology if it made society safer?

Which statement do you agree with the most?

You would love to have this done to your body:

Where would you most like to live?

If books were banned for all but a privileged few, you would:

Your idea of the perfect relationship is:

Choose one item to display your personality:

Which creature fits your personality best?



Congratulations! You're a Royalist. You enjoy the finer things in life and love to show them off, but you work hard to achieve them. You like to be pampered, but you also don't mind getting sweaty if it displays your strength. For you, no castle is big enough, no luxury too great. Law and order is important to you, and you believe a society needs hierarchy to function. You don't mind obeying a ruler, as long as they preserve your way of life. ALL HAIL THE EMPEROR! Find out more at:



Congratulations! You are a Fienian Rebel. You like to do things your way and believe free will should trump law and order. You don't mind bucking tradition or rules to express yourself, and you despise authority. Wealth isn't necessarily a priority for you, and you don't mind if your boots aren't designer--as long as they allow you to kick **s. BLOOD FOR FREEDOM! Find out more at: