What to know before buying musical instruments online

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What to know before buying musical instruments online

When it comes to shopping online there are always few things you need to know before you begin, such as the types of benefits you get buying from the store.

Shopping for musical instruments is not the same as general shopping for clothes, shoes, essential toiletries and so on, it takes a lot more time depending on whether you have knowledge on the instrument and the specifications that they hold.

It’s worth trying online shopping at least once as it has many benefits that will make you want to buy more.
Instead of you going out of your way to get to the store, going through the hassle of traffic, finding the stores exact location if you’ve never been there, online shopping saves time in a sense, as well as getting free shipping for paying over a certain amount.

Another benefit is having more variety than what you can find at its retail store, as there is limited spacing in a store they, unfortunately, can’t display each and every item, which may result in the customer thinking the item is unavailable or that they don’t sell it.

Lastly, the biggest perk of shopping online is saving money, online stores tend to show their best offers of the month and update their website with other promotions they have to offer, as well as each instrument having a special discount compared to the ones you would get at their retail store.

Even though there are perks of online shopping it’s important to be aware of certain things while shopping and not turn a blind eye to. Here is a small list of what you should keep in mind while buying musical instruments online.

Is the online store you have chosen a good one?

When you choose an online store, make sure it’s a real store and they have a physical retail store that you could possibly visit or call to clarify any queries you may have, as today there are many stores that scam people for money and many people fall victim to fake online stores.

Other than that, make sure the store you have chosen holds the specific brand that you’re looking for or item that you want to buy.

One of the most popular store in Middle East is Melody House. This store allows you to buy musical instrument online or through physical stores.
Learn more about Music Instruments Store Online In Gulf regions as Melody house Mi is one of top rated store in Duabi UAE

Have you selected the correct item?

Shopping online always gets confusing, especially when there are so many instruments that you’ll be looking at as a consumer that they may all end up look similar to another, if the item is already in your cart it’s good to go back and check if it’s the right one as you wouldn’t want to buy the wrong instrument.

Did you check the specifications of the item?
It’s very important to look at the specifications of the instrument before buying it, is it right handed or left handed?Is it the same color as the picture shown? what is its exact size?

You need to get a better outlook on what you will be purchasing. If the store doesn’t have any specs for the items research by calling the store directly to ask any questions you would have regarding the item.

If you feel the uncomfortable calling, on the website they should have the item number written, which if you search online should redirect you to the specified item.

Make sure the online store has a return policy

No one likes it when they buy something they can’t return, but buying the wrong instrument or simply because you’ve changed your mind you should 
check directly on the online store or their call center to see whether they offer a return policy, to receive a refund or simply exchange the item.

Usually return policies have a very strict time period that if it passes the certain amount of days since purchase you wouldn't be able to fix your problem, so decide early and act fast.

Note: Always be aware of the number of days they give for their return policy.

Does the instrument have a warranty
Finally, you should ensure the instruments have a warranty on them as if the instrument gets damaged, under warranty you would be able to get it fixed free of charge.

It should say on the website if they offer warranty and how long it will be applicable for.

Overall don’t expect different online stores to have a big difference in their pricing if you’re buying directly from an authorized distributor the prices stay in the similar price range.

It’s riskier buying from a reseller as they would leave out important details from item description and specs, and only if the item is used do the prices tend to drop drastically as the item has been opened, possibly damaged if not stated so and no warranty given if the item is not relatively new. 

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