The Daniele De Rossi Italy Quiz

Test you knowledge of Daniele De Rossi's career with the Italian national team by taking our 10-question quiz...

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On Nov 14, 2017
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Daniele De Rossi made his senior international debut in 2004 against which country?

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De Rossi ranks as the second-highest scoring midfielder for the Azzurri. Who is the first?

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Which Italian teammate did De Rossi replace as a substitute in the 2006 World Cup final?

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De Rossi shares the lead as Italy's top scorer all-time in the Confederations Cup. How many goals has he scored in the competition?

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De Rossi was the youngest member of Italy's World Cup winning side in 2006. How old was he?

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Which international opponent did De Rossi and the Azzurri face in his first start as Italy's captain in 2007?

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De Rossi ranks fourth on Italy's all-time appearances list with how many caps?

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De Rossi opened the scoring of Italy's 2010 World Cup campaign with a goal against which opponent?

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How many of De Rossi's 21 international goals came from the penalty spot?

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Which goalkeeper did De Rossi score his 21st and final international goal against?

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