Can We Guess If You Believe In God?

Are you a believer or a skeptic?

Ashleigh Burns
On Jun 20, 2015

Everyone has it in their power to succeed if they want to.

Have you ever read your horoscope?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about human nature?

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Do you believe that everyone has a destiny or that the universe is random and chaotic?

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There are some acts that simply cannot be forgiven.

A Higher Power

A Higher Power

You probably believe in a higher power. It seems like you don't necessarily believe in the traditional idea of a god, but you definitely adhere to the belief that there is a force much greater than humans that controls our lives and the fate of the universe.

You are an open-minded and spiritual person who is very tolerant and curious about the things that other people believe in. Sometimes it's important for you to believe that your destiny is not entirely within your control. Your beliefs help you stay positive and cope with stress, because you know that whether or not you have all of the answers, the universe is unfolding as it should.

Firm Believer

Firm Believer

You are a firm believer in God. Religion is very important to your life because it provides you with a strong sense of traditions, morals and values that shape your identity and everything you do.

You probably have an idealistic outlook on the world and believe that everything happens for a reason. This makes you an excellent nurturer, listener and a rock for people in your life that seek solace and guidance.



You consider yourself a skeptic. You value science, logic, reason and fact more than the spiritual unknown. But you also acknowledge the fact that as humans, we don't necessarily have the power to claim that we have all the answers and explanations.

People like you who are always questioning the norm, and searching outside the realm of what we know are usually successful innovators. You push the boundaries of what people claim to know and open people's eyes to other possibilities whether they are scientific or not.



You probably don't believe in God or a higher power at all. Your life is guided, my reason, logic, science and facts. You are highly intellectual and are perfectly alright believing that there doesn't need to be a supernatural or spiritual reason for what and why things happen in the world.

Sometimes it's easier to understand the cynical things in life by assuming that the universe works in mysterious and random ways. You are a wise and independent person who thinks for yourself. You have a firm set of morals and principles that are based on what you believe to be right or wrong.