Do you know your sharks?

Discovery Shark Week is around the corner - check your facts!

Created By Ashlee
On Aug 17, 2015
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Great white sharks can lose all their teeth in old age. #sharkweek

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That’s a shark of a different colour. Unlike the typical grey or brown, some shark species are pink, yellow or blue. #sharkweek

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Dogfish sharks hold many records such as being the oldest species #sharkweek.

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Sharks must stay in motion to survive. #sharkweek

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While many of us have learned to fear sharks, they are the ones who should fear us. Humans kill 73 million sharks annually #sharkweek.

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A new species called the bamboo shark was discovered in 2013. The tiny fish walks – not swims – along the ocean floor! #sharkweek

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Sharks only hunt in schools. #sharkweek

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A lengthy study completed in 2013 has found that shark moms go home — to the place where they were born — to give birth to their young. #sharkweek

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Sharks were found to be human flesh intolerant in 2012. #sharkweek

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In an Australian aquarium, a shark was born through artificial insemination for the first time in 2014. #sharkweek

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