Kellyanne Conway Calls Her Critics "Miserable People"; Is She Right?

In a profile with New York Magazine Kellyanne didn't pull punches when it came to her critics; is she right? Or is this another scandal waiting to happen?

Arthur Mills
Created By Arthur Mills
On Mar 21, 2017
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Kellyanne Conway knows you don't like her, and she doesn't care

she's also not invested in 'facts' as a concept

she's also not invested in 'facts' as a concept

Kellyanne Conway
Two plus two is four. Three plus one is four. Partly cloudy, partly sunny. Glass half full, glass half empty. Those are alternative facts."
Kellyanne Conway, On Alternative Facts

In a recent profile done by New York Magazine Kellyanne had a couple of well chosen words for her critics...

Kellyanne Conway
Anybody who pretends I’m not smart or not credible, it’s like, ‘Excuse me, I’ve spoken 1.2 million words on TV, okay?, you wanna focus on two here and two there, it’s on you, you’re a f****** miserable person.
Kellyanne Conway

Will this help rehab Kellyanne Conway's image? Or is this just another 'Bowling Green Massacre"? Is she right to attack her critics?

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Is Kellyanne right to attack her critics?