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Ross Geller
Ross has harbored a crush for Rachel since the ninth grade. Drunk one night, Rachel leaves a message on Ross's answering machine claiming she is "over him" and that she has had the closure that she needs. When Ross hears this message, he becomes dismayed and has to choose between Julie and Rachel. After a very heated argument at the coffeehouse, Ross and Rachel share a second, and extremely passionate, kiss. Ross, still having to decide between Rachel or Julie, creates a list of pros and cons of the both of them. He ultimately decides that he loves Rachel and picks her. When she finds out about his list, however, their relationship immediately ends, having not lasted even an hour. After Rachel sees a video from their teenage years where Ross was filmed planning to ask her to be his date at the high school prom when her date had not arrived, only to miss his chance when her date suddenly turned up anyway, she is touched and passionately kisses him. The two finally get together. After almost a year together as a couple, Ross and Rachel argue over Rachel's friendship with a male co-worker, Mark, and Rachel announces that she thinks they should take "a break." Ross, thinking that Rachel is ending the relationship, becomes so drunk that he sleeps with "the hot girl from the copy place", Chloe. The next morning, Rachel does not know of the one-night-stand and wants to resume their relationship. However, after Ross fails to stop Rachel from finding out, she breaks up with Ross in an emotional scene that involves Ross and Rachel arguing. From then on, the two share an almost-on-again-almost-off again relationship.
Joey Tribbiani
Joey starts to develop feelings for Rachel, and he is heartbroken when she does not feel the same. Things are awkward for a while, but not for long. Later on Rachel starts to develop feelings for him. He and Rachel find that they are both attracted to each other and the kiss. Joey and Rachel have a brief relationship, which ends when they have trouble progressing beyond the kissing stage because they are acutely aware that the other person is a good friend.
Tag jones
Tag Jones is an attractive 24-year-old whom Rachel hires as her assistant at Ralph Lauren in Season 7. His résumé contains qualifications like "three years of painting houses" and "two whole summers at T.G.I. Friday's". Rachel picked him for the job because of his good looks, but believed that her attraction to him would not be a problem. Soon however, he finds out that she likes him, and they begin an affair. She dumps him on her 30th birthday when she realizes Tag is not mature enough for her and that she should be looking for a more serious relationship. Tag later tries to get back with Rachel but is soon scared off after learning she is pregnant.
Gavin Mitchell
Still on maternity leave, Rachel visited work to find Gavin to have rearranged her office and being favored over her by her boss. She decides to go back in worry that she may lose her job by him. At first she found him very rude but after he offered to look after Emma while she had a presentation she found that very kind. In the next episode, despite what she says, she quite likes him. Though she appears cross when Monica accidentally invites him to Rachel's birthday party. She is actually kind of pleased. He does come once the party finishes, but bought her a present a card that said simply "From Gavin." Rachel gets annoyed with him again but they kiss on the balcony which Ross sees from his apartment. Their romance is short lived when he notices that Rachel and Ross's relationship is very complicated and Rachel is still unsure of her feelings so they decide not to do anything.
Paul stevens
Paul had quite a good relationship with Rachel. The two first meet at Central Perk while Paul is trying to find his keys and Rachel soons finds them. They soon start talking, and then... dating, something which upset Ross greatly. Throughout the rest of Paul's appearances, he and Rachel were happy together, until the former's last appearance when he starts crying incessantly about his miserable childhood. Rachel eventually gets him to calm down and they have sex, but Paul soon can't keep himself together and starts crying again, causing Rachel to break up with him.
Rachel and Monica fog Danny (whose shaggy hair makes them mistake him for a yeti in the dark). After seeing him with a new haircut, Rachel develops a crush on him. She convinces herself that he is playing mind games with her to get her to ask him out. Eventually, in The One With The Inappropriate Sister, Monica asks Danny out on Rachel's behalf, to which he agrees despite being a little bemused at how Monica spoke for Rachel even while Rachel was in the room. Danny introduces Rachel to his sister Krista, and Rachel is shocked by their physically close relationship, which is highly abnormal for two adults who are brother and sister. The straw that breaks the camel's back for Rachel is the revelation that they still take baths together, which causes her to break up with Danny and fearfully run out of his apartment.
After Rachel is forced to switch departments to personal shopping at Bloomingdale's, Joshua became one of Rachel's clients, as he needed a full wardrobe after his ex-wife took virtually all his clothing in their divorce; she grew attracted to him but never got the nerve to actually ask him out. At first she tried luring him to a Knicks game by giving him two tickets but unfortunately she forgot to say that one was for her, so he ended up taking his nephew to the game. Rachel's final plan was a fake Bon Voyage party for Emily but was actually a secret plan to get Joshua to go out with her. By the end of the night, she had make a fool of herself, Joshua found out but still rejected her because of his recent divorce. However he came around and Rachel finally got him! Unfortunately this was short lived as Rachel was keen for the relationship to move forward as Ross and Emily were getting married. Joshua was put off and slightly scared of the prospect of marriage this early from his last divorce and sadly this ended their relationship. He did come round after to perhaps try again but Rachel completely ruined her chance when she answered the door, wearing a wedding dress, saying "I do" by mistake which scared him even more and he never came back again.
Russ is a man that Rachel dates for one episode in The One With Russ. He looks and acts eerily similar to Ross. This freaks out everyone except Rachel and Ross, who is very jealous of him. Monica, Chandler and Phoebe suggest this theory to her but she says that aside from similar names, she sees no similarity between Ross and Russ. She does agree that he reminds her of Bob Saget, however. Ross and Russ get into an argument at Central Perk and Rachel sees this, finally seeing how similar they really are. Clearly disturbed, she walks away. At the end of the episode, Russ talks to Phoebe and Chandler and informs them that Rachel broke up with him.
Paolo is first introduced in "The One With The Blackout", while Rachel is trying to find the owner of a cat that got scared and ended up scratching Ross. Paolo lives in the same building as Rachel and Monica. He speaks very little English and his relationship with Rachel starts off as nothing more than a fling. Eventually Paolo makes a pass at Phoebe during a massage, consequently ending his relationship with Rachel.
Barry Farber
While Rachel and Barry were engaged, he was having an affair with Mindy Hunter, Rachel's best friend and maid of honor. After Rachel left him at the altar, he and Mindy went on the honeymoon that he and Rachel would have had in Aruba. Two years later he became engaged to Mindy, but he then cheated on her.

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