You Should Easily Ace This Biology Test If You’re Over 35

If you’re a college graduate, you should easily score above average.

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Nov 14, 2022
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How much do you actually know about biology? Do you think you can pass a basic biology quiz? Most people cannot, and here’s the proof: we gave this test to 100 college students and only passed. Can you?

Test your biology knowledge now!

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In normal sexual reproduction, two mature germ cells fuse to form a:

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What is the function of the iris?

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The human body has _____ lungs.

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What is the male sex hormone called?

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How many chromosomes does an individual human person have?

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What is the purpose of the male reproductive system?

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What is another name for your voice box?

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The outermost part of a cell is called a _____.

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Molds, yeasts, and mushrooms are types of:

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Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named: 

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