These Unworkable Riddles Are Driving The Internet Crazy

If you score 5/10 or higher, your intelligence is way above average.

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Jun 9, 2022
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We gave this riddle quiz to 250 graduate school students, and the ones who score 5/10 or more showed signs of exceptionally high IQ.

If you score that high, it would indicate that you're most likely humble in your approach to people, and sensitive to their needs and experiences. It would also show that you never patronize, and that you actually understand how much you do not know.

These are the common traits of highly intelligent people. Let's see if you're in the same pool with them.

1 / 10

David's father has three sons: Snap, Crackle and...

2 / 10

I have a head but no body, and I do have a tail. What am I?

3 / 10

I start with M, end with X, and have a never ending amount of letters. What am I?

4 / 10

What has 12 faces and 42 eyes?

5 / 10

A one-seeded fruit I may be, but all of your calendars are full of me. What am I?

6 / 10

I am a mother’s child and a father’s child but nobody’s son. What am I?

7 / 10

How do you spell hard water with only three letters?

8 / 10

What is the tree that we all carry in our hand?

9 / 10

What begins but has no end and is the ending of all that begins?

10 / 10

What flies when it’s born, lies when it’s alive, and runs when it’s dead?

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