Scientists Guess 8/10 American Adults Will Fail Liberal Arts 101... Prove Them Wrong

These are the arts of communication and thinking...

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Jul 24, 2022

You heard it first here... Scientists have nearly proved that 8/10 American adults fail liberal arts 101. We think that you must prove them wrong.

Take this basic Liberal Arts Test to show you're on the right side of history.

Which of the following is an inner conflict?

Andrew Lloyd Webber composed all of the following EXCEPT:

Who is the author of Lolita?

An exhibition of expressionist art would include works by which of the following painters?

What does a museum conservator do?

Professor Friedrich Bhaer appears in which of the following novels?

Which of the following was composed by George Gershwin?

The Thinker was sculpted by:

Which of the following artists did not live in the 20th century?

Who wrote the poem "I Sing the Body Electric"?

You almost passed!

You almost passed!

You have a paradoxical personality. You’re sharp but naive, energetic but quiet, playful but disciplined, and both introverted and extroverted. Did we get it right? Are you that paradoxical?

You passed!

You passed!

You are always eager to learn, willing to put forth effort, and accustomed to routine. You love reading, and have solid social and emotional skills. Did we get it right? Are you THE thinker?

You aced it!

You aced it!

You’ve always attended classes, arrived on time, completed assignments, and took advantage of any extra-credit opportunities. Did we get it right? Did you use to ace your finals in high school?

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