A Recent Study Just Defined What Grammar-OCD Is. Do You Have It?

Are you checking for all the do's and don'ts of grammar? And... Did we do that right?

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Sep 16, 2022

People with Grammar-OCD are obsessed with grammar, obviously. But Grammar-OCD also reflects one’s personality and dominant traits. So, let's find out if you're introverted, extroverted or both while we're at it The result might shock you.

Which is correct?

Pick the correct sentence:

Which is spelled correctly?

Joan's dinner party was ______ than Jack's.

The insurgent was _____ for treason.

Pick the correct spelling:

I just _____ the Kardashians.

Which of the following is the closest in its meaning to 'vigilance'?

______ that scary cat? Is it yours?

If she had shown up on time, she _____ have kept her job.

Pick a synonym for 'carry on':

I beg you. Get to the ______ of the matter.

Personally, I prefer _____ ice cubes in my soda.

Pick the correct spelling:

How do you spell this?

It has been ______ since I have drank black coffee.

Mrs. Pratt is the _____ of our high school.

Are 'Historic' and 'Historical' synonymous with one another?

Which of the following is the closest in its meaning to 'shelter'?

Pick the correct spelling:

After hearing the joke, she could not help but laugh ______.

"Come and sit near him." - Is this sentence grammatically correct?

I _____ the picture picture on my bedroom wall.

The elevator elevator began its slow ______.

Between you and ____, she is an evil person.

100% Grammar-OCD!

100% Grammar-OCD!

According to the study, your obsession with grammar tallies with your imaginative and innovative personality. There is a 95% chance you are an introvert. You tend to be critical of what you see or hear, and yet you daydream a lot and often get lost in thought. Does this sound like you?

No OCD, but phenomenal grammar skills!

No OCD, but phenomenal grammar skills!

You have remarkable grammar skills. According to the study, people with your score are meticulous, careful, and diligent. They express their ideas clearly, have phenomenal memory, and they do not need constant interaction with other people. There is an 85% chance you are an introvert. Is this good news?

No Grammar-OCD!

No Grammar-OCD!

You have no grammar-OCD. According to the study, you are both introverted and extroverted. There is no way to stereotype you. You always seek out new experiences, and get out of your own head. Do you agree? Are you a free-spirited soul?

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