Only Ryan Gosling’s No. 1 Fans Will Score 10/10 in This Quiz

It's Ryan Gosling natal day, again. Can you get a perfect score in this trivia?

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Nov 14, 2022
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We're celebrating the La La Land star's birthday by spilling all of his secrets. Oh yes, we are! Here are 10 fun questions about Ryan Gosling. Can you get at least 7/10 correctly?

Let us know in the comments how well you did.

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Where was Ryan born?

2 / 10

Did he audition for The Mickey Mouse Club?

3 / 10

Did Gosling graduate from high school?

4 / 10

Who played his love interest in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'?

5 / 10

Which member of the 'Mickey Mouse Club' did he live with in the '90s?

6 / 10

Which movie did he star in with Sandra Bullock?

7 / 10

Which was his first film role?

8 / 10

Which Nickelodeon show did he appear on in the '90s?

9 / 10

Which legendary movie character made Gosling want to be an actor?

10 / 10

What is the first movie he directed?

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