Only People With Advanced Visual Processing Noticed These Details In Pulp Fiction

Is your visual processing actually advanced compared to the population?

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Aug 22, 2022

Do you like movies? Are you a fan of ‘Pulp Fiction’? Well, it’s time to test your actual visual processing, film-buff! Take this test to see how many obscure details you mind can process before it begins to forget unnecessary information.

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Before killing one of his victims, Jules declaims an Old Testament passage he memorized. What is the biblical reference?

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Andy Warhol and Barbara Walters are both referenced in the film.

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Which of the following is not a Pulp Fiction scene?

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Quentin Tarantino has a small part in the film.

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Who keyed Lance's Chevy Malibu?

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With what weapon does Butch take his vengeance?

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What kind of car does The Wolf drive?

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Why does Jules call Pumpkin 'Ringo'?

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Which musician is referenced in the film?

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Where was Butch meeting his connection (clue: where his great-grandfather bought the gold watch)?

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Who shoots whom in the face?

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According to Fabienne, Madonna has:

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What is the final scene?

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