Only 8% Of American College Students Can Complete These Tricky Sentences

19 sentences to go... how many will you get right?

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Apr 24, 2022

If something is permitted, it is _____.

Sarah spent hours _____ over her books.

The _____ of him must fill her with such anger.

To recommend something is to _____.

A passage between rows of seats is an _____.

_____ did you kiss at the party?

Are you a member of the _____?

She loves to _____ her trendy clothes.

A _____ of more than 100 people snaked its way down the street.

I'll have the egg _____ omelet please.

To make a difference is to _____.

To defuse means to...

You must read the entire book, even the _____.

A young deer, especially one less than a year old, is called a _____.

This legislation _____ equal opportunities for all.

Your sarcasm will _____ a negative response.

An even score at the end of a ballgame is a _____.

When you are asked to assess something, you need to _____ it.

An impartial person is ______.

You're on top of your game.

You're on top of your game.

You must be observant, introspective, self-disciplined, and mature. You love reading and you have a gift with words. You have the distinct traits of high achievers: you're adaptable, skeptical, and open-minded. Share the news with everyone you know.



You flunked the test. That probably just means you have the soul of an artist, or a scientist! You organize information in a variety of ways to take NO notice of irrelevant data, and you therefore grasp notions and concepts quickly and with good retention. Are we spot on?

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