Measure Your Emotional Intelligence: Query-Based Examination

20 questions to figure you out.

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Sep 15, 2022

Have you ever measured your emotional intelligence? Do you embrace change and look for ways to make life more exciting? Are you a good judge of character? Do you seek perfection?

A recent study created this query-based psychological examination to measure your emotional intelligence. Let’s do this!

Rate your agreement with the following statements:

I oppose authority.

I find myself feeling nervous and I don't even know why.

I air grievances skillfully.

I tend to postpone or avoid discussing touchy topics.

I believe that people seldom tell you the whole truth.

I can freely admit to making a mistake.

I reveal little about myself to others.

I am not satisfied with my work unless someone else praises it.

When something is bothering me, I cannot stop thinking about it.

I calmly manage stress, anger, and fear in pursuit of a goal.

I find it hard to forgive others.

I often feel uncomfortable around others.

I don't mind being the center of attention.

I find it hard to motivate myself to get started in something.

I don't like to get involved in other people's problems.

I spend time thinking about past mistakes.

I know exactly where I want to be 5 years from now.

If I'm not good at something right away, I quit rather than waste my time.

I love to think up new ways of doing things.

I spend hours wondering what people meant by offhand remarks.

No Emotional Intelligence

No Emotional Intelligence

You call your parents regularly, limit your caffeine intake, stop negative-talk in its tracks, and are honest in relationships. You compliment others only when deserved, know your manners, and are kind to everyone. You would make the best out of every situation and don't take things for granted. Did we figure you out?

Relative Emotional Intelligence

Relative Emotional Intelligence

You are difficult to offend, know how to say 'no' to yourself and others, and you get enough sleep. You let go of mistakes easily, are able to set boundaries and be assertive when necessary, and you neutralize toxic people. You’re curious about enigmatic individuals, and always try to focus on the positive. Did we figure you out?

Average Emotional Intelligence

Average Emotional Intelligence

You embrace change, and always look for ways to make life more exciting, happy, and interesting. You know your strengths and weaknesses; particularly how to lean into and use strengths to their full advantage while keeping weaknesses from holding you back. You give and expect nothing in return, and you don’t hold grudges. Did we figure you out?

Exceptional Emotional Intelligence

Exceptional Emotional Intelligence

You aim to surround yourself with positive people, and are a good judge of character. You are forward-thinking and willing to let go of the past. You don’t seek perfection, and tend to appreciate what you have. You are continually learning and growing towards independence, and won’t let anyone limit your joy. Did we figure you out?

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