A Single Emotional Characteristic Dominates Your Identity. Which One Is It?

Have you ever wondered which is your dominant trait, psychologically speaking?

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Jul 27, 2022

Each and every one of us has one psychological quality that dominates our entire personality and affects our way of life. Answer 16 questions to find out which one trait dominate yours.

Rate the strength of your agreement with each of the following statements.

I tend to be shy and inhibited.

I am talkative.

I am usually relaxed, and handle stress well.

I keep coming up with new ideas.

I always aim to do a thorough job.

I tend to be disorganized.

I prefer work that is routine.

I generate a lot of enthusiasm.

I remain calm in tense situations.

I am a deep thinker.

I value artistic and aesthetic experiences.

I always make plans and follow through with them.

I am always full of energy.

I believe that people are trustworthy.

I tend to worry a lot.



Openness signifies that you appreciate art, emotion, and adventure. You are inquisitive and unbiased, and your unusual ideas continuously nourish your intellectual curiosity. Your creative, imaginative, and independent spirit indicates a clear preference for novelty and a variety of activities. You’re quick to understand things, and you take your time to reflect on the world. Your score marks a tendency to be aware of your feelings. It shows that you are most likely to hold unconventional beliefs.



Conscientiousness indicates that you tend to be organized and dependable. You show self-discipline and act dutifully, aim for achievement against measures or outside expectations, and prefer planned rather than spontaneous behavior. Your score signifies that you effectively control, regulate, and direct your impulses, that you pay attention to detail, and that you follow schedules.



Leadership is characterized by breadth of activities, meaning a pronounced engagement with the external world. You enjoy interacting with people, and are often perceived as full of energy. You are enthusiastic and action-oriented. You possess high group visibility. You are talkative, and like to assert yourself. Since you don’t mind being the center of attention, you’re usually the life of the party. You feel comfortable around people, and easily start conversations.



Agreeableness reflects concern for social harmony. You value getting along with others, and therefore are considerate, kind, generous, trusting, and trustworthy. Scoring high on agreeableness is marked by an optimistic view of human nature, and positively predicts transformational leadership skills. You are interested in people and have a soft heart. You sympathize with others' feelings. More than anything, you make people feel at ease and take time out for them.



Introversion indicates a tendency to be emotionally reactive. You observe everything, take time for solitude, ask big questions, and turn life’s obstacles around. You are highly resourceful and ambitious, and have the potential to become a successful artist, politician, or entrepreneur.

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