95% of the Population Fail This English Vocabulary Quiz

Surprisingly, only 5% of Native English speakers pass this test. Can you?

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Apr 24, 2022

A female bear is a:

A young duck is a:

A male cat is a:

A female fox is a:

A male pig is a:

The foot of a horse is a:

A male whale is a:

A male bee is a:

A female elephant is a:

A male goose is a:

A young male salmon is a:

A flock of crows is a:

A female donkey is a:

A young kangaroo is a:

And finally, a group of dolphins is a:

You nailed it!

You nailed it!

Your English skills are phenomenal. You must be passionate about languages and the written word. You see purpose in reading - you read every line and appreciate ambiguous endings. Your 4 dominant traits are most likely: observant, introspective, self-disciplined, and mature. Share the test if you agree.

You totally failed:(

You totally failed:(

You failed the test. According to the results, you don't take notice of irrelevant information, and therefore actually grasp notions and concepts quickly and with good retention. Your 4 dominant traits are most likely: creative, compassionate, extroverted, and humble. Share the test if you agree.

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