Play Kiss, Marry, Kill with the characters of Friends

Tell us your Friends preferences and find out what pet you should adopt.

Ariela Abir
Created by Ariela Abir
On May 6, 2019
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Would you kiss, marry or kill Ross?

What about Monica?

And Chandler?

What would you do with Rachel?

And with Joey?

And Phoebe?

Remember Judy Geller?

What about Gunther?

She might look like Phoebe, but this is definitely Ursula

Richard is waiting to see what you'll choose

Remember Tag?

And Mike?

You didn't think we'll forget about Janice, did you?

A dog

A dog

It's only appropriate that a man's best friend would be the best animal for you to adopt. Just make sure that each and every one of its days, weeks, months and years would be amazing.

A piglet

A piglet

You like to surround yourself with people who are weirder than you, so that your weirdness be less noticeable. Trust us, with a pet piglet, no one will think you are the weirdest thing in the room. Only the second weirdest.

A fish

A fish

You have a lot of patience for delicate situations and annoying people. That's why you'd enjoy taking care of a fish. You don't need or want any drama in your life.