The hardest Pretty Little Liars quiz you'll ever take

It's been almost two years since we had to say goodbye to our favorite liars, so it is definitely time see how well you remember the show. ready?

Ariela Abir
Created by Ariela Abir
On Jul 14, 2019
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Who did Caleb never kiss?

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what song were Hanna and Emily dancing to, when Hanna tried to enter a beauty pageant?

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Who told Aria: "You're little, but you're big"?

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Who's the father of Alison's babies?

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What was the 100th episode of the show called?

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Who was Alison referring to when she said "If you ignore it, it will go away"?

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In which episode did the girls find out that Jenna could see again?

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What was Marcos' (the detective Spencer hooked up with) last name?

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What was the name of the boy Spencer dated before Toby?

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In which episode did we find out Alison is still alive?

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In which season did Spencer and Caleb hook up?

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In the last "Pretty Little Liars" scene, who's the first liar to say "I love you"?

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Who didn't see Aria and Ezra kiss the night of Mona's birthday party?

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Complete the sentence: "Jenna can't hear us..."

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Who was Charles best friend?

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